Fiddler's Green - Folk's Not Dead

Hugues de Payens
It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine
Those days
We mooched around counting girls go by
We wasted the time and let the sun shine
Those days we hung out with friends
And so we dirted our face but now we rise up again

These days
We’ve reached the top of the stage facing good times
And we follow the road get on a hookline
And boys we fiddle around forever sticking it out
Together we sing along, we sing along, you sing along!

Those days
When we cruised around and got the wrong lines
And we don’t give a damn about the bad signs
So we went down the drain
Acting like dirty dweebs but here we stand up again!

These days
When we kick off the ball having a good day
And we fight for our rights taking the big pay
Boys we are one so let’s get out and about
Together we sing along, we sing along, you sing along

Folk’s not dead! So rise up higher
Folk’s not dead! And we take off now
Folk’s not dead! Let’s get our skates on
Folk’s not dead! For singing louder

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